Irrational Numbers from Another Dimension?

One of the many strange things that we get from mathematics is irrational numbers, for example pi π.

But as someone wrote at  Objectivism Online:

irrational numbers are an artifact of the method used to count and so it is entirely unjustified to claim that an irrational ratio such as pi does not exist. In a base pi numbering system the numerical value assigned to pi would be 1 and other different values would become irrational. Irrationality per se is interesting because it exists and is not a problem to be explained away but rather understood.

What if in another dimension they counted in base pi? To them it would make perfect sense. Perhaps our maths is a subset of that from another dimension where it makes sense? And just like we cannot imagine what it would be like living in a 4D world, we also cannot make sense of irrational numbers…